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© 2018 inspire* is a charity registered in England and Wales (1163140)

Mother Theresa



inspire* was established by Darryl Cooke , one of the founders of ground-breaking law firm, gunnercooke LLP. He wanted to build a legacy that was bigger than a business. A legacy that would last longer than profit or growth, which would engage their people and excite their clients.


He looked at charities he could support and was amazed to discover that there were over 165,000 of them in the UK alone. How could you choose? Where to start? Yet of these thousands, only a small number were household names.


In fact, over 70% of all charitable donations in the UK were given to just the top 1% of these charities.

There are many, many charities operating at the grass roots with almost no funding, no resource and few connections. Does that make their causes any less noble? No. Does it make their leaders any less inspiring? Of course not. These charities are operating in our communities, near to our homes and close to our hearts. And we believe that every business has the power to start helping them, today.


Corporate philanthropy is a growing movement. Companies do not operate or exist in isolation from the society around them. The more social improvement a company undertakes, the more it will lead to economic benefits to the company. Social and economic goals are not in conflict but are integral to a company’s growth. inspire* exists to provide that connection.


Inspire* connects a business to a purpose beyond profits. Purpose becomes clear. It maximises the happiness of employees.

Companies with happy employees outperform other businesses by 20% . There are numerous ways that businesses can become involved in inspire* and make a difference.

Maya Angelou

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